Sunday, July 28, 2013

President Obama's Rising Tide Economic Policies Lift Yachts While Capsizing All Small Boats.

 After his last weeks smokescreen speech about our "improving economy" that should have been entitled "Rising Tide Lifts All Yachts, Capsizing Little Boats In Their Wake",  President Obama in an interview in todays New York Times entitled, "Obama Says Income Gap is Fraying U.S"  added insult to injury by waxed philosophically about his worries that "years of widening income inequality and the lingering effects of the financial crisis had frayed the country’s social fabric and undermined Americans’ belief in opportunity."

This coming from President who spent the last five years placating Wall Street and the Mega banks
that are now raking in record profits, yet sharing none of it with America. 

This coming from a President who was elected in a landslide by a National  and International Movement, ready to be activated to battle for the soul of this country lead by President Obama from the White House. Yet instead of harnessing this Movement, President Obama immediately slammed the door on it, and turned the government over to the very same evil cabal that he pledged to fight. 

President Obama is like a farmer who lets the wolves into the chicken coop and into the barn,
 then tells his staving family that he's worried about their health. 

I believe this President's legacy will be having blown the biggest opportunity to change America and the world for the better.  Shame on him and shame on us for allowing it

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