Thursday, August 02, 2012

The killer of Michael Haynes, Consumer Cultural Attack on Black Culture, Dread Locks,

And the killer of Michael Haynes is.......20 year old Cinque Lee, ( glasses) and like Jermaine A. Louis( black T-shirt) who shot two preteen girls on the southside of Chicago, or Rashon Williams ( white T-shirt) who beat and robbed a 87 year old senior citizen and veteran, they all have dreads.

 Actually if you go to Chicago Tribunes Mugs in the News, the majority of Black men who are committing crimes have dread locks.

What's up with the culture?

I remember when I was coming up, Black men who rocked dread where on some sort of serious spiritual and social quests, like Rastafarianism or the original El Rukin's who were the equivalent of New York's  Five Percenters. Actually El Rukin's, during the 1960's
were a more secular off shot of Moorish Temple of Chicago, although they have now dropped
all religious aspect for straight gang life as Black Stones.

Now dread locks are just fashion statements worn mostly by the clueless, including dumb rappers like Lil Wayne( baseball cap), and criminals. This is demonstrative of the crisis of Black Culture or better worded the consumer cultural attack on Black Culture.

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