Monday, August 20, 2012

JP Morgan Chase Pimps The Name of Harriet Tubman aka Black Moses

JP Morgan Chase lead an elite group of financial institutions that looted our economy until it collapsed. We the American Tax Payer were then forced to bail them out under a lie that, "they are too big to fail", instead of the millions of Americans who continue to be foreclosed out of their homes.  JP Morgan Chase received a 400 billion dollar interests free loan, which was supposed to be relent to the American public to rebuild our economy.  But  JP Morgan Chase, along with the rest of the duplicitous financial institutions, are further wrecking the economy by barely lending because with todays lose regulation and favoritism extended to the financial industry,  it's not lucrative to make loans to "Jane" and "Jamal" citizen when they can investing their money in financial instruments that greatly increases the wealth of the wealthiest 1 percent. And these financial institutions continue to pillage and plunder America.

In the most recent example, a JP Morgan Chase  senior investment banker ( earning 100 million dollars a year), earlier this summer lost 2 billion dollars by the same illegal junk bond trading that helped sink our economy.  But JP Morgan Chase's  CEO Jamie Dimon, barely received a verbal reprimand from Congress partly because of his close relationship to President Obama.

The only thing that JP Morgan Chase is doing for America is a clever glossy public-relations ad campaign called "Chase Community Giving."

 JP Morgan Chase dolls out relatively small grants to non profits, which is considered a "win win".  The bank gets good publicity by giving away, what to them is the loose change left between the cushions of the leather couches and chairs in JP Morgan Chase's Wall Street offices. Financial institutions, who are expert in skirting laws put in place to make them accountable, also make these grants as ways to legally get around having to make loans. Banks don't like lending to the poor and working class because the real money is in corporate gambling. And as we know, when they lose, we bail them out.

I've been watching these campaigns and JP Morgan Chase's are an extremely seductive subterfuge, as they continue to siphon up more tax payer's dollars. The most effective ads are their Face Book ads, featuring all-American", vanilla, main-street, apple pie pictures, and tear jerker blurbs hailing the great noblesse oblige charitable giving of the noble, JP Morgan Chase.  And since so many liberals work and volunteer for non profits organizations; they cannot stop themselves from joining in on the communal fawning and praise, or beseech for their causes in the comment box, or at the very least clicking the "Like" tab with their browsers on the JP Morgan Chase Charitable Giving Face book page.
in spite of all the damage that  JP Morgan Chase continues to wrought through out the world.

In the latest and most dastardly ad below,  JP Morgan Chase Community Giving actually pimps the name of Harriet Tubman, the former slave who escaped to Canada yet returned to the south numerous times to rescue and spirit away hundreds of slaves, as the most famous conductor of The Under Ground Rail Road. Further irony is that we know exactly where JP. Morgan Chase stood on the slavery issue as they accepted and sold thousands of slaves as loan collateral.

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