Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Michael Haynes is dead and Chief Keef's got a record deal

I know it's bad, but I hope the next victim of violence in Chicago is rapper
Chief Keef. Yea, I'm a hater who just can't get over the death of
22 year old Michael Haynes who came this close to escaping the southside of  Chicago to attend college on a basketball scholarship at Iona College in upstate New York. He was set to leave as soon as his grades posted, but died after being shot three times while attempting to break up a fight over a stolen necklace.

Meanwhile Chief Keef who at 16 is under house arrest on a discharge of a gun charge,
 just got a contact with Interscope Records based upon his record "Bang" which is about killing other Black people and of course "bitches" which sounds like his latest song "Don't like" which is about killing other Black people and of course "bitches" I'd  rather the violence to cease, but as there is no political will in Chicago to make that happen, so we just have to wait for cold weather while waiting on pens and needles for the next horror story to unfold in the form of another dead body on the side walk and even worse some kid who had a foreseeable future.

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