Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nightblooming Cereus Peruvianus/Global Warming

In The Wilds of the Deserts, once a year Night-blooming Cereus Peruianus sprout green shoots with bulbous ends that after about two weeks, open into large sweet yet pungently fragrant flowers. I've had six of these cacti for over ten years, but it was only four years ago that one or two of them sprouted shoots. These shoots did not open, just slowly rotted until I removed them from the cacti. Last year, two of them produced one single flower, each. During this exceptionally warm summer, three of them produced eleven huge flowers. I know this is a sign of global warming, but my cacti who are more like dear old friends, clearly love the heat as I do. But at least I'm being environmentally friendly as I continue to pass on having my central air unit in my home converted for air conditioning in the summer and I gave away my air conditioner for my bed room last year due to lack of use even then.    


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