Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Meet Mitch Romney, a Solid Gold Cog & I want My 40 Acres and a Mule!

Mitch Romney, a more educated version of Archie Bunker, has yet again publicly expressed the scorn of a certain class of Americans, toward another class of Americans. 

But are democrats accurate in describing his remarks as coming from the One Percent of Americans who control most of the resources in America?  Or, perhaps Romney like a true midwesterner, more represents working class white America? And frankly, his remarks also represent a certain class of the American Black Bourgeoisie who angrily condemned Dr. Cornel West's public castigations of President Obama for not prioritizing the plight of the poor.

It’s not a stretch to say that Romney comments, about Americans who  feel that government "owes" them something as “victims”, and therefore possess a sense of entitlement, is code for Black people.

But Romney is right.

Many Progressive Black Folk, including myself do feel entitled to a modern day equivalent of the “40 acres and a Mule", that our ancestors were promised in 1865, in compensation for four hundred years of slavery, and another hundred-plus years of Jim Crow segregation, not including today’s continued climate of racism and discrimination.  And, what’s not part of the discussion, is that a lot of Black folk thought that when Senator Obama was sworn in as president, we would finally get some form of reparation for the years of civic and social death that we lived through, not just in slavery, but swinging from trees and railroad bridges as so much strange fruit, etc.  Many Black people do feel that we are owed something extra to correct the young Black bodies overflowing the jails and grave yards while being absent from institutions of higher learning and the work force. These conditions can all be traced back to the auction block.

Isn’t Occupy Wall Street about some form of “entitlement” for a class of people continuously ripped of by the financial and insurance industries (fully abetted by the U.S. Government) who looted and crashed our economy for their own profit?

So Romney called the teakettle black and instead of America thanking him for raising this important conversation, we say how dare he! Of course he didn’t raise this issue a progressive, but bully for him for bringing the argument any way because “entitlements” should be a huge part of the national debate, but it’s not.  Further, this is why the One Percent would never talk about any one being entitled.  Because they know that it's them who continue to manipulate and grow their abundant political and economic entitlements and would not want to draw attention to it from the mainstream populace.   In fact, I bet they  fare more disturbed over Romney’s remarks than the Democrats. 

It’s like that saying that “the best thing the devil ever did was to convince humans of his non existence” This is how the banking and financial industries are able to continue to rape, pillage, and plunder, every economic source in America.  Maybe the fact that Romney raised the issue means he’s a lot "closer" to the Democrats then the banking and financial Industries who greatly benefit no matter who is the President? He just  doesn't know that he's just another cog. A solid gold cog, but a cog none the less.

I Remain, Invisible,


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