Sunday, November 18, 2012

Make Wall Street Pay/ Do your Patriotic Duty, Get Arrested/ Poor People's Campaign

A family with bags from a service that provides for people in need in Oswego, N.Y-.NYT

In a nation of vast poverty, inequality, and economic despair , we are now told by "our" government handlers that hundreds of billions of dollars in service cuts must happen to prevent America from sliding into economic ruin.

Under a measure called  sequestration, 1.2 trillion in service cuts will occur  automatically on January 1, 2013, if Congress doesn’t either delay the cuts, drastically cut spending, or raise taxes.

Previous Government bailouts have demonstrated, that major corporations and the rich have vast political resources to insure  their place, far ahead of the line. Yet, the voices of the powerless are always on the defensive, trying to protect the dwindling meager resources we have.

In this age, we don't get to go forward, we fight, not to be pushed too far back.

 I am please to see a coalition of grassroots and faith-based organizations called "Make Wall Street Pay Illinois" demand that Wall Street pay to balance the budget. Equally important, they used civil disobedience, leading to arrests, to demonstrate their resolve.  

On Friday, November 9, eight people entered Senator Dick Durban's Chicago office- paid for by the tax payers, to request a meeting with him, which was denied.  They then refused to leave and were arrested. An hour later, 11 activists holding a banner in the building’s lobby were dragged and carried  away to jail. Dick Durban is considered the  unofficial spokes person for the Democratic Party and is close to the president.

With the election of President Obama, the left has a choice. Either force President Obama, the Democrats, and liberal advocacy groups to wage political war on behalf  of ( and organize) the majority in America, who continue to lose economic ground and tumble into the abyss. Or, they can also continue to tinker around the edges for a paycheck,while the rich continue syphoning the rest of the wealth from this country.

These arrests need to continue and in mass.  This country will only change through civil disobedience.

Every progressive needs to get arrested at east least once, and assume the burden of "waking up" their friends, family, and neighbors to reality that Democracy is now mostly a political illusion to keep the citizenry pacified.

We need a national rescue program for poor people and those barely making it, including a "Federal New Deal" program which includes major debt reduction programs for students, the poor, and the working class. This country is brazen in it's support of the One Percent. Now it's time to support The People. 

Right before Martin Luther King was assassinated he made a monumental pivot  from race to a campaign centered on Economic Justice, called The Poor People's Campaign. 

This movement needs to happen now or our country is lost. 

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