Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Obama Myth of Unprecedented Congressional Obstruction

As the election nears, Black middle class and White Liberals continue to proffer excuse for President Obama’s abandonment of his mandate for change and his support of the American financial and corporate Empire and Military Industrial Complex.   

The major excuse is that "unprecedented congressional obstruction" has greatly limited his power far more than any other President, and the reason for this obstruction is due to his race and because he’s a progressive.

 This is propaganda and political subterfuge by President Obama’s by Alexrodian spin doctors.

I don't admire Ronald Reagan like President Obama does, but I do agree with him that Ronald Reagan was one of America’s greatest transformative presidents. When Reagan assumed the presidency, with an eye on history, he immediately incorporated the right wing political and Christian religious movement into his government as a potent political force that swept congress and changed America

 President Obama was in position to do the same with the movement that swept him into office. And this movement, though fledgling was a more potent force than Reagan's. And, President Obama’s movement was both national, and after eight years of Bush’s disastrous international policy, global. With these potent forces, President Obama could have realigned America to be a truly great nation based upon our collective experience of oppression, subjugation, and struggle.

But, instead of incorporating this movement into his young administration, President Obama immediately shut them out and brought in the bureaucratic cabal behind Bush’s corporate bailouts, the outsourcing of American jobs overseas, and other policies of extending benefits and protection of the American plutocratic class at the expense of every one else, and further empowering the military industrial complex.  

Finally, what was also behind the Reagan Revolution wasn’t a mandate for change, but after the malaise of Jimmy Carter compiled with mass anxiety of Russia gaining nuclear superiority, white America wanted the fatherly version of John Wayne and the Marlbro Man.

During the campaign of Barack Obama, because of the financial crimes of Corporate America and the plutocratic class, and George Bush’s war in Iraq, the average American finally matured somewhat, and for the first time raised their heads from the sand and questioned if something was desperately wrong in America. Obama crystalized this message and formed a verbal contract with America to be a change agent, yet once in Office President Obama reneged on this contact and turned his back on a progressive movement that could have become deeper and more powerful than the Tea Party Movement and could have changed the world. 

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